Introduction to Keywords

What is a Keyword?

A keyword is a word or a phrase that a person uses to collect information about a topic from internet. People can enter keywords anywhere from search engines like Google and Bing or social media sites like FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

Why Build a Keyword Strategy?

Everyday many people are being able to get more and more consumers online through keyword search.  Now, you can take the advantage of general habit of consumer by optimizi

ng your website and social media profiles in a manner so that they are relevant to 

your business and when a customer are searching with that keyword your results show up. As a result the chances of finding your website will increase and will also bring quality traffic and finally will help you to increase your revenue


It is very difficult to know about the exactly which keywords will get the most relevant people for your business; there are few techniques to determine the popularity and competitiveness of those keywords. But you can have to test and analyze how they are doing. Whether this keywords are effective for your site or different keywords are in bringing visitors to your site.



Keyword research is an continuous process that should be monitored closely. It will give you valuable information about the current industry trends. Comprehensive keyword research can help you grow your organic traffic and can also save you money spend on pay-per-click(PPC) campaigns such as Google AdWords.



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Hello Everyone. This is Arnob Hridoy from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I have experience in working with different CMS. Was envolved with the development of WebCommander CMS . Currently I am working as a Business Analyst at WebAlive . I know little bit about Developing Custom CMS and Search Engine Optimization |(SEO) and Search Engine Marketing. If you are interested to know more about me at me at facebook or follow me at twitter . You may also contact me at or Skype: arnob.hridoy View all posts by Arnob Hridoy

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